About Us

HOTQ HAIR is a luxury hair extensions brand that specializes in ethically-sourced raw hair extensions. Our products originate from South Indian temples, providing high quality and hygienic virgin temple hair for customers who demand the best. With our unique value proposition and exceptional customer service, we’re here to help you feel beautiful no matter what your needs or budget may be. Our mission is to provide premium quality human hair extensions with sustainable standards of excellence so that everyone can experience confidence and beauty through our brands. We envision becoming an industry leader in both ethical sourcing practices as well as customer satisfaction worldwide. We ensure that pricing is affordable and that the product quality is premium . We source our hair from India , which is the main source for remy hair extensions .

South Indian Temple Hair

The purest source of remy hair . Pure virgin hair which is sourced from south indian temples . The hair is cut from single donor and is graded according to length and colour . We procure the best quality hair which is 100 % unprocessed and is having its cuticle intact . It is chemically untouched and its purest and natural state .